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These Gorgeous Australian Shepherds are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Wish this girl well on her new life and family!"

comment by doglover543

"Wonderful...she looks just like my puppy!"

comment by The Fox

"I would adopt this little sweetheart in a New York Minute! So precious! Then, again, nearly all the pups here are beautiful!"

comment by Qballrail

"Oh gosh, so cute. Happy b-day! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Okay, I'll give in. I'll tickle your tummy all evening if you want! I'm so glad you are living the life, Bella, and I'm sure that your adoring family will thoroughly enjoy years of living that life with you!"

comment by westiefan99


comment by weaverpup

"Sage you are cute!"

comment by samoodleg

"Submit her! She's sooo adorable(: I hope Sage can help fill Amber's pawsteps ♥"

comment by milkshakex3

"Could this girl be any cuter? I don't think so."

comment by leia kelly


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