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20 The Most Friendly Australian Shepherds to Cheer You Up.

"This is Addie's furry family! Her Mom Penny is on the right and her Dad Sheldon is on the left. "

comment by seadspaul

"Thank you! She is so much fun."

comment by seadspaul


comment by MaggieandFinn

"Remington's a beauty. "

comment by Agent Kay

"Ohh ur so CUTE!!"

comment by Jassie2002

"I love this picture sooo much. You should put this one on a wall! Gorgeous babies."

comment by gryt

"Omg just gorgeous. The dog I was going to adopt looked just like him"

comment by MaggieandFinn

"my oh my you and your tri colored friend are just gorgeous!"

comment by ILoveRubydoo


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