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These Joyful Australian Shepherds are About to Make Your Day.

"Hello Beautiful! It sounds like you have a lot of fun at your loving 4ever Home! I hope you enjoy a long life full of tail wagging fun! Goodbye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Beautiful Rowdy looks very sweet in all of these wonderful pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What a beautiful, fun-loving puppy you are, Rowdy! Just adorable. (Ps. Be nice to the cat. :D)"

comment by gryt

"What a riot! Love you."

comment by UrsaDad

"I hope you find a mom that is able to give the life you deserve. Big backyard with a big tree to keep you cool in hot day. Most of all to love you .. "

comment by steelman.c

"all so very cute"

comment by puppylover-hillary

"What a total ball of cuteness. Speckles, what a GREAT name for an adorable pup; so glad you were found and brought to Shady Creek. Seems to be the best place you can be until you get to your forever home; which won't be long, btw. God Bless you, sweetie."

comment by pupfanatic

"love the eyes!"

comment by onelovexoxo

"They are just the cutest little sweethearts! I hope they all find homes soon!"

comment by kdcrazy

"they are very cute"

comment by bullamastifflover

"SPECKLES....SPECKLES...SPECKLES!!!!! Yoy are so cute. What a cute name too. LOVE YOU!!!!!"

comment by Tika123

"Beautiful eyes. These all got homes in Nov and Dec this year."

comment by ShadyCreekRescue

"2 Cute! He looks like a lot of fun! "

comment by wolfgirl66

""Mom, can we go to the beach, please, please, PLEASE?!" May you have a long and healthy life Bruin."

comment by suzmom1

"looks so much like my Toby here! adorable(:"

comment by ILoveRubydoo


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