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Can You Handle It? Here Come the Australian Shepherds!

"what a cutie!"

comment by Stylezink78

"awww hi panda u are 100% adorable "

comment by Rottweilers r Awesome

"Hello panda! A rather strange mix as Aussies shed allot and Poodles don't shed at all, but it will sure make a great family companion! He sounds lovely, and i love his name! We wish you a long and happy life with Panda, from Me and my kids, Coke, Kenya and Baby Nikon!"

comment by Nikon's Mum

"Too cute!"

comment by laurello

"Very special dog !!"

comment by goldenlover

"Somebody's truly enjoying the moment. What a beautiful mix!"

comment by cjp


comment by animals

"Please post more pics of sweet Pumpkin!!!!! She's very cute!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"how cute, I love german shepherds!!! Please post more pics of Pumpkin!!"

comment by puppyluva36

"awwwww so so adorable!!!!!!!i love German shepherds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

comment by princy&lady

"Love that name "Pumpkin"! Makes me LOL when I see dogs laying in patio chairs! She looks so comfortable there. Maisie & I wish you many more happy years together!"

comment by pandrews-4

"Wow, what a classic GSD pose. My baby likes to rub the top of her head on the carpet after i give her kisses on top of her head between the ears...lol, like she's rubbing them off."

comment by krystan

"Okay, that isn't fair, look at those eyes, that face!!! (sigh)i see a new desktop coming. What a sweet baby, looks JUST like my baby girl (shakin' head in disbelief). "

comment by krystan

"This picture is hilarious. Silly girl:)"

comment by klgoonsquad

"Simba: "Um, I'm not budging! You'll have to drag me; DRAM ME, I SAY!!". Beautiful girl, with a face 2 cute 4 words! "

comment by wolfgirl66


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