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Some Amazing Australian Shepherds to Make You Smile

"What a beautiful baby. "

comment by schotime

"What a great dog! Love the "Little Aussie Posse", title!!! "

comment by puppyfixation

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comment by luisa@dogtime.com

"I have an aussie mix, too. Amazing dogs."

comment by jaspberry

"Happy very late B-day....ha ha! You look like such a darling!!! Have fun and I hope you live a long and happy life! xoxo"

comment by DoggyLover24

"AMAZING!! I love Aussies!! Especially Red Merles! I have two if my own!!! :)"

comment by DogLuva595

"Lovely! Future Front page puppy here."

comment by shaungrl

"You are so cute. More pics please."

comment by browneyes

"Everette is darling and has a wondrful life, but it worries me that her phone number is clearly visible on her ID tag in some of these photos. I would try to blur those out if I were you. I would rather er on the side of caution as there are strange people in the world."

comment by border collie mom

"Everette you are a beautiful puppy. Anyone would be happy to have you wake them up in the morning so your mommy is very lucky. Sounds like you are too. Wish more employers were like your mommy's is and welcomed our companion animals into the workplace! Long, healthy life to you sweet girl ~"

comment by Kelsey's mom

"Everette you're a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose


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