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Here's Some Heart-Meltingly Fab Australian Shepherds. You're Welcome.

"We love looking at your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"how much does he cost?"

comment by annie1245

"Dexter, you are soooo cute!! Hope you have a ton of fun running and playing! "

comment by Smitty's Dad

"Adorable Mason looks very very happy!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"you are going to love this little one. he's just like me! love, "izzy" "

comment by lauracrawford

"This cute happy smile will win over ANYONE!!! I'm Looking at a Future Dailypuppy!!! :D"

comment by cutiepants26

"Mason has settled in perfectly with his mates!!! He is so adorable!!!"

comment by cutiepants26

"Sorry, I didn't realize that you already have a Murphy in your life - he's gorgeous and so is Tank. How lucky you are. Maybe Bailey would work!"

comment by Lass

"How wonderful to have pictures of your baby from such a young age! These pictures are precious. He looks like a Murphy to me!"

comment by Lass

"Aussies rock!"

comment by Chesney3

"What a cute puppy.I hope you have a long happy life with him when he gets home to you.Big kisses n hugs for this cutie."

comment by shortyww22

"Both of them looks very sweet, adorable, playful. cuddly and very happy! I hope they enjoy many happy years with y'all!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Beautiful Mason is totally sweet!!!! Wonderful pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"this is aussie heaven - two aussies!"

comment by weaverpup

"Mason is too cute! Blue Merles are my favorite Aussies. I hope you have a wonderful life with him!"

comment by kdcrazy

"We love your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"Mason is a cutie with a great name! (I also have an Australian Shepherd puppy named Mason!)"

comment by agcranfill

"Mason is just gorgeous! I love all of his patches of colors on his coat! He looks very sweet! He looks like he'll be an amazing dog!!!"

comment by Yeta

"Seriously adorable dog, I'm in love. My dog is an aussie/golden mix, too!"

comment by jaspberry


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