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Here's Some Preposterously Fabulous Australian Shepherds. You're Welcome.

"OMG!! what a cutie! give him hugs and kisses from me and trixie! please comment on my pups!"

comment by ilmw98

"This little guy is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by ckendall

"I love the snow pics"

comment by black190190

"What a beautiful puppy!! He looks sooo sweet & innocent!! LOts of kisses from Abby!!!"

comment by abby grace

"You are one beautiful photogenic angel!! i just love everything about you!! you are soooo precious I just wanna cuddle you up! you are one lucky owner!!! Xoxo, Sneaker's mommy & Sneakers P.S Sneakers would really appreciate it if you left him a comment...:P"

comment by SneakersLUVA123

"gorgeous... what a sweet face!"

comment by Mycookiesacutie

"Wow! You didn't even have him posted for 24 hrs and he already got featured! Luckkyyyyy "

comment by KaiahLove

"that's lovely *.*"

comment by Susana

"Adorable! Looks like Lincoln already has a furiend? They look ALOT alike. "

comment by SiobhanOLS

"soooooo cute!! i luuv your dog lol"

comment by CALPIS

"Hello Adorable Luca! I hope that you enjoy many happy years in your loving 4ever Home! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hi Luca, I made a watercolor rendering of you for your mommy, where should I send it?"

comment by triplecrownstudio

"Awww Happy Puppy; Love Mommy n Grandmommy, I'm a happy baby.."

comment by monkeynbubba

"Such an adorable little guy!"

comment by gryt

"WOW!!!He's adorably cute!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Marco is a beautiful dog. I love aussies but have not been able to find a good breeder who will not dock the tail. Can you tell me where you got him from? Good luck."

comment by wall_e

"Uh-Oh, something is getting the *stuffin'* kicked out of it....LOL "

comment by w102663

"Black Tri's are my least favorite color of Aussie but this guy is just adorable!! I can see why you picked him :) "

comment by suprst4r

"Marco's playful personality comes through in these photos. He must be 100x that in person. Enjoy your holidays with puppy!"

comment by ripley and me


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