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Brace Yourself. Can't. Even. Handle. These. Australian Shepherds!

"Kora you are such a beautiful puppy. If only all dogs were like you. You look so soft and fluffy. Hugs and Kisses from Quebec Canada"

comment by minoufio29

"Awww ! I was surprisped to see that coloring on her. "

comment by mak22

"what a great hiding spot hehe"

comment by lyssandpeach

"Oh Kora, you are so much beauty in one furry package! I would never have thought of your mixture being so gorgeous; but, you are breathtaking! I love your sweet face, your freckled nose, and, your beautiful eyes. You have very lucky humans. Enjoy a long, healthy life filled with play, snuggles, and lots of love."

comment by bestfriends

"How precious"

comment by SOPHIESUU

"Topaz, you are truly a gorgeous girl!"

comment by wolvesrule4ever

"I LOVE this picture SOOOOOOOOO much!!!"

comment by wolvesrule4ever

"Topaz is as beautiful as her name!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"oh boy, not just a gorgeous, happy pup, but an owner that loves their dog enough to take and post 53 pictures, thats awesome"

comment by weaverpup

"Topaz, I love your speckled nose!"

comment by vike0009

"She is a very beauitful girl!"

comment by unicorndreams


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