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Ohhh Boy. Can you Believe How Joyful These Australian Shepherds Are?

"So sweet and heartwarming! Love 'em all!:)"

comment by w102663

"Oh, now I get it. This is her Mom! Another beauty. Guess the one sharing her bed (Black Beauty) is a friend from day care. There can be no doubt this is her Mom. And a black puppy too in the litter. Destiny! "

comment by tambore

"What an adorable broad face. It's too too sweet. I'm so used to a more narrow merle look, but whatever the mix is, well, I think it's perfect. Tummy tickles from TX. A long, healthy life Miss Carmen."

comment by shaungrl

"I am so in love w/ Carmen that I came back to look at her and comment again. Look at that adorable, shmushy face! Uh, how I'd love to kiss her little forehead and those wrinkly, precious, divine, little back feet. Are puppy paws the best or what??"

comment by pupfanatic

"Cute! Congrats on making puppy of the day!! You truly desreve that spot for the puppy of the day because you are a CUTE little bundle of fur! Send truck loads of doggie treats from Shadow and me!!"

comment by my_dog_shadow

"Oh my goodness what a sweet baby. Xoxo"

comment by gryt

"I love seeing others who make their car dog friendly. You have a absolutely adorable pup who has such a personality! Enjoy many long years hiking :)"

comment by Katydid

"BeAuTiFuL dOg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What kind of camera do you have? Awesome pics on your flikr. I have an aussie pup, they're the best."

comment by suprst4r

"What a beautiful, goofy girl. I adore Aussies."

comment by shaungrl

"She is super cute~ Love the markings. LOve those cute ears~! Plz comment on my pups!"

comment by rockford

"so cute yet adorable"

comment by popatop01

"i LOVE aussies!"

comment by k9ruby

"Sadie is strikingly beautiful, those eyes just won me over in about a second flat. She's a special girl. Give her cuddles for me."

comment by georgia04

"Sadie is a VERY pretty little girl, and I'll bet she knows it, too! Give her and her sisters cuddles for me."

comment by georgia04

"she looks like a sweet heart!give her some treats just for looken cute"

comment by dog lover #1

"ADORABLE! CUTE CUTE CUTE! 100% cute! 2 cute 4 words! Your sooooooo cute!"

comment by cutiepants26


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