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Some Soft Australian Shepherds to Make You Smile

"sooooo cute i love him!!"

comment by minnie2922


comment by lucie.doglover

"Awe so sweet!!! AUSSIES ARE AWESOME!!!!!! PROUD AUSSIE OWNER MYSELF :D Many MANY Happy Years To Both Of You!!!! Give Him a big hugg and pets for me!! and Luna!! Oh And Cleo!!! Haha Our Pups Would Be Great Friends!!!"

comment by lu.dog.luna

"What a beautiful "beach baby"! Loved your paw prints in the sand...."

comment by w102663


comment by theinspector

"My what a big tongue you have. All the better to give SWEET pupper kisses with. She is most definitely an ''Angel''. Tummy tickles from TX, pretty girl. "

comment by shaungrl

"this photo needs a frame! so sweet."

comment by newfieluvr

"o my goodness shes so beautiful! one of my favs!!!!!"

comment by i love my doggies

"You forgot to mention that she has the most stellar pair of ears! Daww. :)"

comment by gryt

"Hello Beautiful! I hope that you and your 4ever family enjoy a very long and super happy life together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Haha, your mommy and you are sooo happy here. Yogi is the such a handsome boy. I wish Yogi baby boy a looong, happy life with your wonderful mommy and daddy."

comment by mychiensr1

"Haha, pretty soon, Yogi will carry his mommy around. I can tell Yogi baby boy is going to be a......GIANT:-). "

comment by mychiensr1

"Rooster, you have a beautiful face and those eyes will melt every heart. Good luck to you. Hugs and kisses!!!!"

comment by tomthumb

"What a beautiful little boy! "

comment by laurello

"Absolutely Adorable. I have a Miniature Blue Merle Australian Shepherd my self, She just turned 6 in Feb. Time flies so quickly for them. You have a beautiful One. "

comment by bluemerle

"Rooster is one year old! It's hard to believe. In this year he found his best friend and girlfriend, Nikita, who lives a few blocks away. He also found out he loves his kitties and they lick each other's ears. He's not crazy about strangers any more but once he knows you he is all love."

comment by Noe6@mac.com

"Obi looks so cute & happy! I love the pic if him and Samba. Aussies rule! Enjoy!"

comment by Aussie mom


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