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You're Gonna Flip Over how Fluffy these German Shepherds are.

"Callista is such a beautiful and breathtaking girl. Her story just breaks my heart. But you changed her life. God bless you for that. She is the picture of a happy, healthy and well loved girl. I can tell from her bio that you love her deeply. So you both won and that is so lovely. Blessings for a continued wonderful life together!"

comment by poochies=love

"Look at that smile on Cali's face! It makes me so happy to hear happy endings. So many dogs are abused & neglected & I'm glad Cali is one of the lucky ones! Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life & home! She looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Hugs & kisses from Maisie & I! p.s. putting Cali on my desktop so I can smile everytime I see her."

comment by pandrews-4

"Hi there Callista, you happy, sweet girl you! She's so beautiful... Love the pics with her little doxie brother too. :) So glad she got away from those horrid people, and that she got the wonderful life that she deserves with you! "

comment by gryt

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... for bringing such a beautiful smile back to this special girl! I am so glad she found you! Hugs and kisses to Cali, Uly and Taffy;-)"

comment by comaci

"What a heart-warming story. Callista is beautiful and I'm very glad she has a loving home."

comment by av617

"very cute, but daily puppy is not for sellers."

comment by dalmatianlover

"sorry, u were adopting him! well done"

comment by dalmatianlover

"Yeah! Noah is Daily doggy! Congrats! Hope you get adopted soon! xoxo"

comment by DoggyLover24

"So cute!!!!"

comment by DoggyLover24

"Ahh! Noah is such a cute little puppy! What a silly little boy.....he seems to be the BEST DOGGY EVER! I hope you find a wonderful home where you can give your doggy kisses to everyone! xoxo"

comment by DoggyLover24

"what a gorgeous pup! "

comment by weaverpup

"What a sweet face! Who could resist that face, you have to hug and kiss it!"

comment by suzmom1

"I just love this picture of Indy he looks so happy!"

comment by suzmom1

"Thanks everyone! He is a popular pup around our neighborhood!"

comment by supercrys

"what a happy fellow!! hugs from Memphis...."

comment by stillwater20

"OMG Indy is absolutely gorgeous. How can it be that he was going to be K###ed..can't even say the word. Long life and lots of love to you and your family!!"

comment by sammytoo!


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