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These Darling German Shepherds are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Hello Sweet Calvin! You are totally adorable and I hope you enjoy a very long life full of tail wagging fun & love! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Calvin you are such a handsome boy."

comment by kenna

"A stunning pooch! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Duke you are very beautiful and you sound like a important part of your loving family!!!!!!! You are awesome and I hope your life is a long and wonderful one!!!!!!!!!! All of your pics are great!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"too cute! my babysitter had a dog named duke and i loved him so much tht duke was my first word! now duke is my favorite dog name! ur duke is very playful looking!"

comment by pawprint1513

"I love duke! He is so playful and sweet. Go fetch boy!"

comment by iwantapuppy93

"He look like kali soooooo much! very cute! lots of treats to u!"

comment by cornflake02

"oh that dog is so cute.lol"

comment by purple14

"100% cute! "

comment by puppyluva36

"so cute "

comment by minnie2922

"They are all adorable. I hope they find a home soon!"

comment by kdcrazy

"what if I were to adopt him? im gonna have to ask my husband though..."

comment by i luv my wendyboo

"sooo adorable"

comment by gabby87

"You do wonderful work. All the best to Hannah and her beautiful babies and all the other doggies you work with. These puppies take my breath away. Lovely, simply lovely......"

comment by dogmom

"i want one do u have any girls"

comment by cat+dogs=luv

"it is sooooooooooo cute what adorable baby puppy I want him sooooooooo bad "

comment by awesomemaddie1230

"Ohhhh....Kovu.....you are basolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Hugs from me & McGee!! :-)"

comment by yankigal


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