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Your Playful German Shepherds Have Arrived!

"cutie pie!"

comment by doodieboodie

"Your Beauty "

comment by dogsilove

"hes well cool man, awsome dog xxxxx"

comment by Skater-Dude

" Hi there jake is cute but not when marybeth trys to bite his head off sorry w "

comment by marybeth1

"cute and fluffy!"

comment by Marina5001

"What a handsome devil you are, Lex. "

comment by w102663

"german sheps are just so amazing dogs ur very lucky"

comment by twilght~girl

"thanks all we will look and comment on ur dogs too. Yes he lives outside all the time becuase he never got potty trained lol but he loves his outside."

comment by ilovepuppyluv7798

"i guess you could say that he isnt really devilish he is actually a really good buy he can act almost like a police dog when with his daddy."

comment by ilovepuppyluv7798

"WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She reminds me a little of our Leo who also happens to love food! LOL! Treasure is very very beautiful and Treasure is a perfect name for her!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

""Normal" people feel good when their pets want to spend time with them!!! Pets are part of the family and should be treated with love, kindness, and attention. Treasure is a sweetheart of a puppy dog....."

comment by w102663

"awwwwww how cute i lov German Shepherd/Border Collie their both my fav dogs how cool so that mean your dog makes the best dog in the world. i cant believe im the first to comment. take good care of Treasure. plz check out my pups thanx a heap. "

comment by buddy_rox

"I'm so glad Treasure found just the right fit for her ... and you. She is a beautiful girl. I'm very happy for all of you. Hugs to all your puppies from Oscar & Max & Riley."

comment by Heather

"hank you are so cute!"

comment by sugar tail

"HAHAHAHAHAHA. This picture make me laugh out loud. What tuckered out baby! I can see how much you love him and I don't blame you. You won the puppy lottery with this one!"

comment by poochies=love

"I am the director!!! Now let's go back to the scene with the food............. Hank you are absolutely adorable. Lots of belly rubs, kisses, long walks and treats to you. "

comment by luxirocks

"Hank whatever your heritage you are a true Jewel! I can tell by your write up that your people are mad about you as well they should be. Hope you have decades of fun and happiness, and of course great health ~"

comment by Kelsey's mom

"Very very precious boy!!!"

comment by BeautyLover


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