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20 Oh-So Precious German Shepherds to Cheer You Up.

"Too cute."

comment by Dhira

"Precious baby.:)"

comment by w102663

"what a happy girl - I do believe she's smiling! hugs from Memphis...."

comment by stillwater20

"Roxy, You're truly gorgeous! Good luck in obedience class... but keep that independent spirit alive!"

comment by sputnik

"Roxy, you are so beautiful, I love your wonderful big ears. You are such a lady."

comment by The Raven

"What a beautiful girl you are Roxy!!! That gorgeous smile will get you just what you want!! Take care sweetheart and keep healthy & safe."

comment by LSM

"Roxy, you remind me of my old german shephard Nanook, he was white too. You are SUPER CUTE!"

comment by Hachiko11

"Beautiful ...... Our dog Leo is the same breeds as Kaya."

comment by wolfgirl66

"Kaya is gorgeous. She sounds like a great dog. Hope to see more pictures of your beautiful dog soon. Have a wonderful time with your Kaya. "

comment by tobyslattery

"Awwww! i luv ur dog! she is the cutest dog in the entire world! ur so lucky to have her! i hope u have lots of happy days together! "

comment by iluvmychow


comment by dobielove17

"My dog Tank a german shepherd malamute mix went down the road and had puppies with a purebred collie. all his pups are now six months (i think) CaseyAndCallie dog Casey is Tanks daughter. So is Truck who is also on CaseyAndCallies profile. I had one of his eight puppies but it was hit by a car.... three of his puppies have passed, mine was hit by a car, one was hit by a train, and one ran away and is most likely dead. Their mother a collie named Wendy ran away or was stolen and hasnt been found. Well have many happy years with her!! (p.s. Tank isnt neutered im wanting him to have more puppies!!!!). "

comment by Blizzard11

"Sweet and lovable Halo is very pretty! I hope she enjoy a long life full of love and tail wagging fun!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"She is so precious! Lots of tummy rubs for her! "

comment by penelope&zoe'smom


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