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You're Gonna Flip Over how Beautiful these German Shepherds are.

"Fiona,your BEAUTIFUL!!!!You take awesome pictures.Check into this,but my vet told me NOT to give my dog grapes.There something on them thats not good for the dog.Check it out.Fiona,your such a happy girl with such a pretty smile.Lots of belly rubs!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Very pretty dog - and such a great background story. I love happy endings! She looks like there is some German Shepherd in her; the popsicle pic especially looks like maybe a white GSD (with the "snow" nose). I would guess Lab and GSD. That would account for the super smart and hyper fun-loving."

comment by Cactusrose

"I love popsicles, too, Sweet Girl!! Such a beautiful little face."

comment by BeautyLover

"ya,we know that grapes arent good for dogs,she dosent get alot of them but she is very sneaky and sneaks them off the counter. But we usually take them away from her so she dosent eat them."

comment by **FionaTheLab**

"Baby girl Magnolia is too adorable! Thank you for rescued her and save her life. I wish baby Mag live a long, happy life with her wonderful humans. SPCA is the best!"

comment by mychiensr1

"Klaus you are such an exotic dog, all the questions your new owner will get, lots of social encounters w/people and pets to learn a fun friendly world, and all because you are so amazing. I will send you to my RS rescue Pet Therapy friend, what an addition you will make, what a home you will have. I pray I see you Soon."

comment by Chelsie

"Klaus is a very Beautiful boy.his head is so big it doesn't even look like it belongs on his body...lol. what a very cute boy he is.I hope he finds a good loving home soon.kisses n hugs sweetie. "

comment by shortyww22


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