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Time for Some Very Divine German Shepherds.

"Mack is a very handsome GSD. My husband and I just adopted an 8-year-old GSD and she is the sweetest girl. We love her to death and it's great having a mellow older dog. I will probably always adopt older dogs from now on. They deserve it. Good luck to Mack von Camarillo. I hope he finds his forever home soon. "

comment by littleguysmom

"Your puppy is so adorable i have a alstation of my own in real life and i completely adore him HE STILL CHEWS ALOT HE@S STILL A PUPPY. P.S- I HOPE YOU LIKE MY COMMENT AND COMMENT BACK MY PUPPY IS CALLED LUKY ON MY PROFILE."

comment by abbigayle.tilling

"congratulations to another Pearl and Czar pup winning Puppy of the Day! ~ Jagger's mom"

comment by m-clevy

"We love your pics. You are so sweet looking."

comment by browneyes

"awww too cute."

comment by teeru

"Aww What a sweet heart are they still avilebile to adopt?"

comment by Reksio22

"They both are so very beautiful. I hope they get their forever homes really soon."

comment by MsJaxFla

"I wish I could adopt them both! I hope you two find the best loving home! Good luck! xoxo"

comment by DoggyLover24

"Awww,what a sweet heart!!!!Who cant fall in love with that sweet little face.I hope each and every one of yous get your forever home soon.Lots of big hugs and kisses!!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"D'AWWWWW. Sweet Bear. A rescue (triple YAY!) And snuggling w/ his bff, Snoopy. Oh, man, doesn't get any cuter than that!"

comment by pupfanatic


comment by monkeynbubba

"We love your pics. You are so sweet looking."

comment by browneyes


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