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These German Shepherds are Mind-Blowingly Fab

"Dory is gorgeous and if i could i would have her in a heartbeat, she reminds me of our late GS Duchess. We raised two GS and would recomend them to anyone, great dogs."

comment by doggone1973

"congrats on grown up pup!!"

comment by Rottweilers r Awesome

""Viper"? You are to cute for name like "Viper". LOL! Great pics! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"She is so cute!! Those ears!! My little guys ears did that for a few months, then got too heavy so now they have an awkward flop!"

comment by melcomeau

"So beautiful!!"

comment by gryt

"What a gorgeous girl. This sweetheart will be home soon."

comment by photog58

"AWW! She's so cute!! I love German Shepherd! They are such a nice breed!!! I could die for this breed!!!!!!"

comment by Fiffi's mum


comment by ikhan82867

"He so cuuteee 10x so cutesocutesocutesocutesocutesocutesocute"

comment by gradygrazer

"this beautiful boy has a very sweet face !!!"

comment by bunis

"What a sweet boy! I love Shepherd mixes- they always get the best of it. :) He has great facial expressions! Topaz says hello. :)"

comment by alexalou

"He's just the most adorable thing! He seems to have found the perfect family for him! I love to see others with rescued or adopted dogs, they really need the love. Good for you and great for him!"

comment by Rika

"I'm so glad you decided to let J-Dog come inside. Such a beautiful boy deserves to be a part of the family. He's gorgeous!"

comment by Rickysmom

"Awwwww....he is just beautiful!! We used to have 2 German Shepard dogs, many years ago, and they are so smart and so loyal. Enjoy him....he's beautiful!! Hugs from me & McGee!!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal


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