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Brace Yourself. Can you Believe How Sweet-Faced These German Shepherds Are?

"100% beautiful!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"sooo cute! my dog is named piper and is also half shepard! But the other half is husky and he's a boy! I love you piper!"

comment by me&mydog

"I have a dog like this. I had the DNA test and he is Belgian Shepherd and Rhodesian Mix with unidentifable terrier. He looks like your dog. I rescued him at about 9 months and also wants to be on the sofa next to you and lays around all day. The best dog as you say. "

comment by lavonmauck

"I love you for adopting her!! I have two pits and they are just precious cuddle buddies :-)"

comment by jessikah518

"People like you change the life's of many dogs! All your dogs are darling! My best wishes to you!"

comment by ikhan82867

"Oh wow! That's absolutely wonderful that you adopted her! I always want to get a dog only at the RSPCA, that really needs help. Thankyou for saving her! Piper looks like a baeuitful, healthy, happy and strong girl! Good on you! She has just an ADORABLE face!"

comment by cutiepants26

"Hi there, I noticed that the heading reads belgian malinois/rhodesian ridgeback mix but then your profile says pitbull/shepherd mix and was wondering which one piper is. I only ask because she looks EXACTLY like my dog marcel, who is part malinois and part unknown, and i have received a few comments that he looks like a ridgeback."

comment by cgoof6

"Your dog looks just like our Savanna! She was born in 2001, in a small town near Raleigh, North Carolina. She was also a rescue, and she is the most wonderful, smart, gentle dog. She only weighs about 50 lb, which is perfect. She's 13 now! "

comment by /laura.bailey.353803

"i think Roxy got a little tired from all the posing! what a cute pup!!!!"

comment by weaverpup

"what a gorgeous mix! kisses and belly runs to this sweetie:)"

comment by vreddin

"What a beautiful baby! Hugs, kisses and plenty of biscuits to this doll."

comment by snookylove

"OMG Roxy has sucha cute gotee! :D:D He also has such a beautiful coat! Please comment on my puppy, Alfie. He wold really appreciate it! ;) xoxoxoxo, ALfie!"

comment by puplove13

"Roxy you are too cute!"

comment by kayt


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