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Get Ready. You're not Ready for How Lovable These German Shepherds Are.

"Awwww, Yara is so cute! What a cute litlle puppy:-). Now you are a big, beautiful girl. Take care of your humans and your self, sweetheart!"

comment by mychiensr1

"what a cutie and this is a great picture of her!"

comment by jlover88

"Yara is just beautiful Hugs and kisses!"

comment by hoover65

"Cindy--some of your pictures would be great for Fidelco's calendar! Send some to me at kfletcher@fidelco.org. Thanks, Kris"

comment by guiderzr

"What a gorgeous animal and what a smile!"

comment by UrsaDad

"Your still a pup Rocket! You'll forever have that pup-like appearance with those floppy fun ears. You are just an adorable big guy. Love those GSD's... wonderful!!"

comment by scdoxielove

"Rocket is one handsome boy! I love GS's too! I love the look of one ear up & one down. My dog Maisie has that problem too but she's part BC & GS. Hugs & kisses from Maisie & I! "

comment by pandrews-4

"Oh my goodness, Mr Rocket, you are one handsome baby boy! His face is so beautiful -- his eyes are so gentle. WHat a lovely boy you have. Kisses, pets and extra treats from a fan in Houston. (FYI - my italian greyhounds ears do the opposite of what they are supposed to -- the stand up like big old bat ears. The breeder assured us it would be okay. They break okay now, but she still shoots them straight up when she is highly alert!)"

comment by dogmom

"soooooooooooo CUTE!!! "

comment by Yeta

"Ahhhh...nothing like a sheppie!His pictures are wonderful!Hope he has a long, healthy life of much love and fun.Many blessings and kisses for Nova and his family!"

comment by sheppiesrule

"Nova is a handsome GSD! I bet he's very smart as well. Many happy years with your new family Nova."

comment by scdoxielove

"This pic of Nova made my day! It just brought a smile to my face...he's adorable! Sounds like Nova has quite the life chasing coconuts! How wonderful is that?! Many more happy, healthy years to this young guy!!!"

comment by pandrews-4

"Nova, what a precious little darling you are!! Such a sweet face. I'm so happy to see you having such fun at the beach. Lots of love and belly rubs to you, and a long, healthy, happy life! "

comment by pambolynn

"Wild! Crazy beautiful."

comment by janaS

"Nova is such a cute name! I love how his ears like turn to the side a little. German Shepherds are so adorable especially Nova! Congrats on puppy of the day!"

comment by iluvmypuppy101


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