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Aaaaw! You're not Ready for How Enchanting These Labrador Retrievers Are.

"Otis sounds like a lot of fun! He looks very happy to. He and Buster surely seem like the best of friends. what a Handsome boy Otis is!"

comment by Puppylover3003

"Congrats on the rescue and WOW are these two cute together.... and they look so happy, too. Way to go!"

comment by LATaurus

"Oh i live him,what a handsome and energetic boy!!"

comment by DoogieDoodle

"Boy does that look like fun!!!!Otis,your such a happy boy.And so handsome too!You have the sweetiest eyes and what a gorgeous hair color.Lots and lots of many happy years!!!xxoo "

comment by Debbie 57

"Sassy is Adorable, Sweet, Cuddly, Playful, Lovable, Beautiful and Wonderful!!!! I hope ya'll enjoy many happy years together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all of these cute pictures!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell ya'll love Sassy very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"beautiful little girl! I just can't get enough of her cute pictures. Hope you have a wonderful time with your wonderful and loving Sassy. :D"

comment by tobyslattery

"sassy looks so cute, cuddley, fun to play with! he looks like so much fun!!!"

comment by ilovemushy

"SSSSOOO cute!!!!!! I just want to hug him!!!:):)::):):):) look sidways it is a smiley face"

comment by ilovemushy

"Sassy you are a cutie pie!"

comment by dogs101

"Sassy is a cutie pie!"

comment by doggone1973

"1st of January! Now Sassy IS SUPER SUPER SUPER SPECIAL! That's means she will bring you luck for the whole year! LUCKY YOU! Sassy is 110% WAY PAST EXTREMELY CUTE! Sassy has a big photo album full of SUPER MODEL PHOTOS! She's on my favourites! And congratulations for getting Sassy into the DailyPuppy! Please check out my dog, he's a big beautiful boy. Feel free to add a comment or be his friend. See Ya!"

comment by cutiepants26

"Adorable Maverick looks very happy!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"What a great Christmas card this one would be!!"

comment by tzumom

"I agree with Jose that you are a very, very handsome boy! Love that shiny black coat you are wearing! Have a great life Maverick!"

comment by pandrews-4

"Awww, Maverick is so handsome! We need to see more pics of you. Casey, Rider and Obie got 1 billion pics. But Maverick got only one pic? Not fair! Request more Maverick's photos from 5 dogs (and I'm sure million of people outhere felt the same way:-)in NM. xoxoxo!"

comment by mychiensr1

"He's a Beautiful Lab"

comment by wolfgirl66

"OMG that puppy is adorable!!! i have a lab she was a puppy for about 2 seconds it felt like lol!!!! homie101"

comment by taybay

"Truman is soooooooooooo sweet, He's thecutest dog i've ever seen "

comment by sweetiepug

"he is AWESOME i wish he were mine :("

comment by shibainualex

"i love him"

comment by sarahgminer


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