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These Reaaaally Perfect German Shepherds Want to Meet You!


comment by wolfgirl66

"Was he the daily puppy? "

comment by sreynaud

"Ohhhh....Huckleberry....you are a beauty!!! You look very much like a German Shepard we once had many years ago. Wishing you a long, happy and healthy life!! :-) Hugs and kisses from me & McGee!!! :-)"

comment by yankigal

"I love that crazy ear stage, hehe. Huckleberry is so lovely!! I like the pic of him "inspecting the grounds" too. What a wonderful place for a puppy to live! "

comment by gryt

"Huckleberry is adorable!!!!!!"

comment by doglover3702

"Huckleberry is so cute! I love German Shepherds. I was looking at a litter when Belly walked into my life. Belly, Balder n' the gang all wish Huckleberry a long healthy life!xox"

comment by Intelligence

"Addie! You're so beautiful girl!"

comment by jasper1

"WOW! She's beautiful! She looks like a mini Golden Retriever! So gorgeous. Her eyes are so beautiful and I bet anyone who looks into them will want her immediately! She will go into a wonderful home. :)"

comment by cutiepants26

"Hi Addie!Your such a beautiful girl.You have a very sweet face and gorgeous hair.I hope you find your forever home soon.Lots of big hugs and kisses!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Sooooooooooooooo very BEAUTIFUL!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I have to say that with a beginning this cute, she was bound to be the gorgeously glorious gurl she is now!"

comment by ursa'smomma

"yeap!!!this is ~~~my dog always do that~~!!!but i don't know how to put my dog's picture in the daily pup ~~~can you teach me pls some one else~~~pls la ~~~~~okok if i put the picture in the daily pup already pls commend on my wall !!!!!beacause i got add you!!!!bu ti need to wait for some one else to teach me in daily pup......"

comment by tayla becca

"actualy the ruby 002 is my old acount but i forgot the pass word so i made a new acount~~~~"

comment by tayla becca


comment by puppzrule10

"OMG! He is magnificent! He is absolutely what I have been looking for! Please tell me he's still available!!!!"

comment by kellbell

"I love Westside GSR and the adorable Germanic names they come up with. Herr Von Grizzly is indeed a striking fellow; I just wish he were a bit closer to me - my girl would love him to bits! Auf wiedersehen, Grizzly!"

comment by UrsaDad


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