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Need Some Precious Cutie Pies in your Day? Of Course You Do.

"You look so much like my dog. He is a German Shep/Ridgeback mix. "

comment by HickokHaley

"omg! he's so cute!"

comment by yellowzipper

"Watched his video on Youtube. So cute watching them play! Music with it was good too!"

comment by pandrews-4

"Very cute!"

comment by moonbaby

"Wow Wally you look alot like my Roxy with a very similar story! you are a very handsome fella and obviously a wonderful boy! You keep watchin' over little sister big guy. :o) smooches!!"

comment by lalamcgoo

"I love her soft brown eyes! She's very pretty!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by rozier


comment by ocean

"Cali is a gorgeous dog ! maybe a gsd/ lurcher ? whatever she is she is lovely !!"

comment by gsd s rule :)

"Your sooooooooooooooooooooo cute Susie Von Kerne I hope that you have a great life."

comment by Jose

"Hi,Susie!!!Your eyes are so beautiful,so warm and caring.I love your gorgeous markings and what an adorable smile.I hope you get your forever home soon.Lots of big hugs and kisses!!!! "

comment by Debbie 57

"isn't susie ADORABLE?! im positive she will find a great home. (not surprisingly with her beautiful looks). i'd say some alaskan malamute and some german shepherd in that mix. "

comment by BCD luver

"she is pretty you should check out my dog bridgette:]"

comment by using45

"Bailey, sounds like you have a wonderful life!"

comment by sallybrown


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