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These Bbs are the Poster-Pups for Being Precious.

"Super cute!!!"

comment by woof-dodger

"Run, Snowball, Run!!! It's heartwarming to see such a happy doggy..."

comment by w102663

"Awwwwwww! SOOO cute!!"

comment by tyrahdae

"hej there cutie face!you look so cheeky!i love you!"

comment by chelseapuppy

"What a cutie! That sounds like a great mix of dogs! Sure looks like he loves his life!! (:"

comment by MyDogzRock75

"What a dear sweet adorable girl Penny is, and so fortuante to find her way into ypur loving home."

comment by pelligrino

"Bless her heart and your's too. What a cutie."

comment by jack14

"Wonderful and inspiring story--both Penny and her family."

comment by goldenlover

"Pretty Ruby sounds like a very special dog! I enjoyed looking at her adorable pics!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I can't believe I did it again. It's 5 AM and I'm very tired but my back hurt so much I could not get to sleep! Please give sweet Lucy lots of pets and hugs from me! She looks very loving, happy & content!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I am sorry. I meant to say Ruby!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Lucy is so adorable and happy looking."

comment by Chihuahua Lover 316

"I can't believe that at the late hour of 8:14 am Central Time (USA) that I'm the first to comment on this adorable dog! What a sweet face he has, and what an adorable personality you describe! This is the kind of great dog that gives "mutts" (mixed breeds) the great reputation that they have. And also, I read a comment yesterday by someone who thinks the same way I do: all dogs on this website get at least 11 bicuits! JoJo gets 11 boxes of biscuits! Griffin is happy, JoJo is happy, and his person is happy. A triple winner! Have years of fun together."

comment by jo

"You look like my friend Auggie Doggie Mc Dooogle. So cute!!"

comment by FreddieL

"HELP HELP, I too have a JO JO named Spicey. I am looking for any information re: breed and am looking to breed her. Anything you can elaborate on would be great. Desperate in Saskatchewan - Canada"

comment by Becki

"Lucy is an adorable little girl! She looks a little sassy too!"

comment by Lulus Mom


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