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Happy Mixed Day! These Critters Will Help You Celebrate.


comment by teeru

"I think I have your photo when you were a pup. I love Tyr."

comment by teeru

"HBD, you are always my cutie pup."

comment by teeru

"He has innocent eyes. WOW I'm just SOOOOO fascinated by your breed! Are you rare? Because you sound rare to me. Haha. Super Cute. Bye-Bye Tyr."

comment by cutiepants26

"Your dog reminds me of my own.Your dog is so beautiful. Tyr looks so fierce in the first photo in you album. My dog also has tri-color and a curly tale. "

comment by camille.nady

"Ace I think you may of some pit bull in you but I'm not an expert. Any was I think you're very cute and I love your ears."

comment by tobyslattery

"I just read your story and very touched by it. What a wonderful thing you did...rescuing him. What an adorable dog you have. My puppy Ace love me as much as I love him & probably more. Can't imagine my life without him. Wishing you and your Ace all the best."

comment by supermom

"So sorry to hear about your loss. I was going thru my "favs" & saw Ace. I just loved his looks & the wonderful bio you wrote on him. Once again, I am truly sorry you lost your dear friend. May he rest in peace."

comment by pandrews-4

"I enjoyed reading your story and going through pictures of Ace. I understand completely what you mean. I feel honored to have my dogs and to be loved by them, and to share my life with them. I really like to brouse this website lately to discover so many real dog lovers! God bless our animals. I always say, we can rescue only their bodies, they can rescue our souls! Have many more blessed years with your baby Ace. Olga."

comment by lucyny2000

"Aw, what a great story about Ace. He is just adorable and I am so happy you saved his life. I love his crazy ear, it makes him even more special, God bless his sweet soul.... kisses,hugs and belly rubs that never end!!!"

comment by lalamcgoo

"Hello Sweetheart! I hope you enjoy many happy years with your loving 4ever family!I have a hunch that you keep your family on the go! Play Puppy play! Go puppy go! Puppy Power! Bye Bye Beautiful!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I will so have to look up Munsterlander as a breed, but it sounds sort of funny. Whatever he is, he's adorable! Looks like a mix of German wirehaired pointer and lab. I just want to scratch behind his ears and get a big sloppy kiss from this handsome little guy!"

comment by momomtx

"Who could resist this face? Not me. What a sweet baby. I'll gbet he is a good snuggler, too!"

comment by jmccord2

"So cute! He's just adorable! And i've heard of his breed from somewhere. I'll figure out where. I'm just sure he'll be an awesome daily puppy! Adorable!"

comment by cat+dogs=luv

"He's a super cutie pie and I hope ya'll have lots of fun times together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Such an adorable face!"

comment by mclove23

"I love the cat picture"

comment by maddie the dog

"awwww!!! how adorable "

comment by doggirl221


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