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These Besties are Heart-Meltingly Stunning

"Kada is a very adorible dog! I love the little puppydog face! so cute!"

comment by puppiluvr333

"what a face! what a cutie!"

comment by pommylover


comment by lynxgirl77

"Kada is 12 weeks old now, but is ~10 weeks in most of the pictures"

comment by kadabear

"What a cute Peke!"

comment by jesca

"Aww that is such the ctue dog>>>>"

comment by jazz 16

"Beautiful, gorgeous baby girl. Thank you for giving her a home. She's DARLING!"

comment by georgia04

"Max is a doll baby. He has those cute ears like a Jack Russell. Adorable!!"

comment by writing_artist81

"Max is very adorable!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"May god bless you for doing what so many will not. I hope he gives you back three times the love you have shown. Max my man you are cute!!!"

comment by tlhugg

"its a boy cos it has a dinky and he knows "Beg""

comment by thequeenofblue


comment by theinspector

"So handsome and an awesome name "to boot"!"

comment by zoegirl

"Hey, Boots we have something in common...I am originally from Philly! BTW, I love your full name:) You are such a happy puppy dog -- I love that about you."

comment by w102663

"my dog and ur dog hav so much in common!!!!boots is just tooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by rcmcritters

"what a really cute name for adorable dog"

comment by pugsrule4


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