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Your Perf Heartbreakers Have Arrived!


comment by wolfgirl66

"Mable looks so sweet! "

comment by virgomell

"Mabel is a doll! I am glad you all rescued the pups. My sister was given a dog and then found out she was pregnant. She could have done something aweful, but she let the dog have her pups and then found a shelter that helped her place each of the pups in good homes. The momma was then fixed. She kept 1 of the pups as a companion for her 8yo cocker spaniel--- and he's a little pistol! Kudos to you!"

comment by sierramadre

"Mabel you are as sweet as your sister!!!! You are no doubt so thrilled with the wonderful people who rescued you that day!!!! Hugs & Kisses"

comment by quilla

"Who could be so cruel as to do that to a new mommy dog and her puppies, it is sickening? Thank you for taking them in and finding homes for them...you won't be sorry! "

comment by puppyfixation

"Super pretty!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"She is adorable! There should be more people like you who rescue pups like Alice and her siblings!"

comment by twilightsaga23

"I think you are wonderful for having rescued those pups. Thank God for folks like you! And as for Alice, she's a little beauty!"

comment by puppyloveforme

"She is so sweet! Bless you for helping those babies and giving Alice her forever home! Hugs to you all!!!"

comment by luvmyboyz

"I wold like to express my special gratitude and admiration for rescuing Alice and Mable while having already so many animals in your loving home! I like all your dogs! I am quet fond of Rotties, and I am owned by a Beagle myself! Thanks God for people like you! Hugs from NY"

comment by lucyny2000

"There were 7 puppies in her litter. Only 2 were pulled for rescue. I hope the other 5 found forever homes!"

comment by weddie

"This shot of Sophie and the snow scene is super great. So happy you were rescued by a loving and caring family.... peace and happiness always. Very pretty girl. OX OX OX"

comment by w102663

"Oh you are pretty lil girl. I love you. Kiss kiss."

comment by teeru

"sophie you are so cute!!!"

comment by rozier

"Sophie is beautiful. Wouldn't that make her 2 though if her DOB is exact? In any case, congratulations on the rescue. I end up picking the last of the litters as well, and they're marvelous pups."

comment by janaS

"Hi! You are sooooooooooo SWEET, LOVABLE, CUDDLY, PLAYFUL & ADORABLE! I hope you enjoy a very long life full of love and tail wagging fun! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by pepsidoggie

"Broce, you are so cute, it does not matter what mix you are, but I have a hunch, some doxie blood! Cuddles, hugs,kisses belly rubs and love to you sweetheart!"

comment by pelligrino


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