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Here's Some So-So Goofy Besties. You're Welcome.

"Chase you're a very handsome boy."

comment by Jose

"Aw! Adorable!"

comment by woof-dodger

"Wonderful pictures!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"They are BEAUTIFUL and I hope they enjoy long and happy lives!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Sweet Gibbs is very adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Gibbs you are a very big boy he is sooooo handsome!!!!!!!!"

comment by sundayfriday

"We are in training but close to getting my new human friend"

comment by maddie the dog

"Thats great keep up the great work guys many belly rubs you deserve them"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"They are too cute, glad dogs are helping others."

comment by kdcrazy

"what a cutie "

comment by douganlover11

"Well aren't they adorable! Man (and woman's) best friend. Truly fascinating how they can save lives and help people just like we can."

comment by adri93

"I love what you do. They're life savers!! and soo cute "

comment by Dream

"I'm so glad they are helping people AND being their best-friends!"

comment by DoggyLover24

"Ohhh Maddy....you are a real sweetie-pie!! I loved all your pics in your album!! You are ADORABLE!!! Hugs & kisses from me & McGee!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"The three musketeers. :)"

comment by gryt

"Oh she is adorable, my brother has a dog who looks exactly the same, she was a rescue dog too and they guessed at collie X beagle so who knows? :)many belly rubs to maddy "

comment by cockapoomum

"Zeus, I am madly in love w/ you. Muah!!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"Nothing better than kids with their puppy. :)"

comment by Katydid


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