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These Perf Little Nuggets are Here to Melt Your Heart.


comment by wolfgirl66

"Hi baby xoxo!"

comment by labloverx2

"so cute!"

comment by hunniebunnie

"Looks like a Bernese mountain dog (long hair) or a greater Swiss mountain dog (short hair)."

comment by hamachi

"CHARLIE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL AND I hope y'all enjoy many happy years together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"WE LOVE YOu our New cousin Charlie!!!!! You ARE THE CUTEST! very Proud of you You are the BEST TODDLER PUPPY ****Hugz and Kisses Your cousins...we love Sandi too she is a sweetheart!"

comment by monkeys54321

"He has almost the same face as my Milo! What a cutie. Love his color."

comment by mollyx28

"such a cutie!! and it's cool, our little mixed puppy has that same white patch on her chest! "

comment by leftylucy22

"Awww!!!! Precious, adorable puppy!"

comment by jasper1

"Hey there Charlie Noodles! Look cute much?"

comment by jaceyl

"I'd swear I see a little beagle in this adorable cutie. Doesn't matter what he is, he is precious. Many happy years together."

comment by gmhendershot

"WOW! That is a wonderful Breed! Since I was not familiar with it I looked it up and they sound like wonderful dog breed and have a a interesting history! Your Shiloh is very beautiful! I can tell you love your dogs very much! I hope that sweet Shiloh and darling Tyr have very long and happy lives!They look like they are very happy and content!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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