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These Little Ones are So-So Fluffy

"BoW WoW! WoW! Wonderful & adorable & sweet Sam is as cute as a button!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Congrats on making puppy of the day!!!! 100% CUTE"

comment by my_dog_shadow

"Love that inquisitive (what'd you say?) look on his face! I have one of these..."unknown mixed breeds" and they are just wonderful! Sam you are adorable."

comment by msriingen

"I looks so sweet! I, too, am glad he and his siblings were found and that he such a loving forever home! I know exactly what you mean when you say he is a little gentleman. I once fostered a Louisiana Catahoula and she was the most gentle dog I had ever met. Sam has the same colored snout as Chloe had. Maybe he does have a little Catahoula in him. God bless you for saving him and God bless him."

comment by magpie

"Extremely cute! So glad this precious lil puppy has a loving home."

comment by liz

"I love love love love love love love love love this puppy! Sam is adorable! So so so so so so so so sweet! Look at that face you can't resist it! I give lots of hugs, kisses, love, and treats!"

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"he so omg cute!"

comment by Yeta

"Cute little Baby"

comment by Savannahcrazy(CS)

"Haha, I don't need to look in the mirrow at all. I know I'm the cutest baby girl in the whole world:-)."

comment by mychiensr1

"You look so cute in your bonnet, Roxie.... your expression is priceless!:o) Love and kisses to you pumpkin. "

comment by w102663

"hahaha! great picture. she's adorable!"

comment by tripvangogh

"Hello little Miss Roxie heart! You are so cute! I have a Roxy too, and she is the same color as you!!! "

comment by lalamcgoo

"This picture is sooo funny!!! Cute little trouble. Roxie is gorgeous. Please give her lots of love and treats for me!"

comment by kdcrazy

"so cute"

comment by kacey09

"I absolutely love Roxie! She is so adorable :) Congrats on winning DP! Roxie was practically made for the part :) Hugs & treats from Pippin :) Check out my dogs, and please comment on them ^_^"

comment by dobielove17


comment by puppymad17

"happy Howllllllloween!!!!!"

comment by caitiecat31


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