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Your Lovable Labrador Retrievers Have Arrived!

"Jud is a handsome boy, and such a cutie. Give him cuddles for me."

comment by georgia04

"he is so cute and sorta looks like my(grandpas)old dog.very cute!"

comment by dogs101

"WOW he is so cute "

comment by crazy emily


comment by buddyandi

"Jud, you look like an amazing doggie!!! I lost the last pic of you. Such a beautiful expression."

comment by TummyTickler

"All of his pics are totally cute! I hope that y'all enjoy many happy years with beautiful George! He looks very happy, sweet, cuddly, playful & lovable!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"He already IS a therapy dog. I felt hugely better just looking at this adorable, furry, mischievous looking beauty!"

comment by westiefan99

"What an adorable little fluffster."

comment by gryt

"Koda Bear is a true beauty. What a fabulous face and mellow personality. "

comment by schotime

"Well, if you're offering a tummy rub then of COURSE I'll turn over! Otis is gorgeous!"

comment by westiefan99

"Otis is adorable"

comment by samoodleg

"Otis, I have been following your page for years. We are friended on Facebook.. You are one of my favorite dogs on earth."

comment by The Raven

"A pretty boy, prettier than many, maybe prettiest i've ever seen...."

comment by Jazz66

"Just let me sllep man! Love this pic 1000% adorable! Love all the other pics! Many happy years together, belly rubs and treats!!"

comment by Jassie2002


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