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Some Happy Border Collies to Make You Smile

"Soooooooooooooo very beautiful!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"is there anything happier-looking than a border collie in a field, with something to chew on, herd or chase? i dont think so! "

comment by weaverpup

"very cute,we were looking at getting a border collie. she is just so sweet! shes lucky to have a good family."

comment by stephbieb

"I luv kylie!! SO on my favs!! Congrats on winning the DP!! CHeck out my dogs, please comment on them ^_^"

comment by puppymad17

"awwwwwwww what a cutie"

comment by pugsrule4

"sooooooooooo cute ps. yay im first comment"

comment by mandiepoo

"good mix,both are very smart. she beautiful!"

comment by lucky&babesmom

"cute "

comment by kazam1

"He's a real cutie."

comment by daneluver

"Peso your a very handsome boy who looks like he likes to have lots of fun with his toys."

comment by Jose

"Hey,Mom we have to turn here!!!Peso,your so good looking.I love your markings and sweet eyes.Lots of many fun and happy years!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Maddy, you look to be the cutest AND sweetest, and you must be the smartest too! Your breed combination is the BEST for brilliance! You may outsmart your daddy and mommy very, very soon!! "

comment by wonderpoodle

"You'd need a heart of pure concrete not to be in love with that face. Hug her for us...A lot! ;)"

comment by harlequinguy

"Madddy- I didn't think it was possible to be the custest puppy ever and also have the best breeds in the world, but you just proved me wrong.... I have a goldendoodle and I love him a lot. You would be great friends, I can just tell. Please check out my big boy. Thanks. Katie and Kody :):):)"

comment by goldendoodle11

"How could anyone resist this adorable little girl? Maddie is delightful, she looks like a cheerful, playful pup. Many happy and healthy years with her!"

comment by georgia04

"MADDIE!!! ur sooo incredibly cute!!! u seem like a bundle of F-U-N!!!! wat an adorable pooch u got there!!! my pup Hermes LUVS his kong as well!! we fill his with peanut butter because thats his FAV!!!! give maddie my luv and treats!!! xoxo, Hermes!! :DD ps check out my pup Hermes!! he luvs comments!! "

comment by ckcspanielluver


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