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Happy Border Collie Day! These Pals Will Help You Celebrate.

"Oh my, so sorry I called you a girl, Cream. You are the most handsome of boy puppies. I love you and am so happy you found a wonderful home."

comment by longislander

"Hi is so handsome, and it looks like he is really soft. Absolutely adorable"

comment by dwf1313

"Vc é muito linda Creme, vc cai ser sempre feliz."

comment by cristiane2011

"Cream, you are so cute and sweet looking. Love looking at your pics."

comment by browneyes

"Good things come to him who waits...and now you have your forever home and people who love you, and you love them right back. Cream, you are a beautiful puppy, and I wish you and long and healthy life. "

comment by andithebaby

"What a beautiful little dog! Ah-dorable!"

comment by JJayJJay

"We just adopted a Border Collie German Shepherd Husky mix! His name is Bounder and he is only 10 weeks old. I'm curious what he will look like when he is older and how big he will get. I'm also curious how his personality will develop because I know Border Collies are very energetic. Anyway, you have a very cute little dog and he looks similar to our little pup. "

comment by /shara.jensen

"What a sweetheart! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"what a handsome girl you are, Turbo!! "

comment by weaverpup


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