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Your Lovable Beagles Have Arrived!

"cute pup dude!"

comment by ilovedogs1221

"sooooooooooooooooooo cute check out my dogs i put her on my fav's"

comment by gracie 12343

"Ralphie is unbelievably adorable!!!"

comment by PuppyyGirl51

"SKIP'S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I love Skip he is so cute. I love him till my heart dies. I love you Skip!"

comment by superhedgie

"beagles r soooooooo cute especially urs!!!!!!!!"

comment by starheart5

"Thanks! Shes my mommy's cousin Morgan. ~Shyloh"

comment by doggy_dancer101

"your welcome... :)"

comment by Jamber

"I hope you and pretty Duchess enjoy many wonderful years together!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"oh good for you for rescuing this beautiful little girl!!"

comment by weaverpup

"sooooooooooooooo cute i love her"

comment by pugsrule4

"Another beautiful girl! Rescues are sweet dogs. Duchess is adorable!"

comment by fakedogspotter


comment by monkeynbubba


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