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Set Phasers To Cute. Can you Believe How Pretty These Beagles Are?


comment by wolfgirl66

"you are going to grow up really big aren't you Dudley? were you the puppy of the day once? XOXO ;)"

comment by tobyslattery

"I know a puppy who could do with your influence when walking on a leash, Dudley. You're a sweetheart."

comment by stanleysaunt

"Hi! YOu are SUCH a sweetie. You have a ton of family huh? I would be CRAZY to SO many relitives. Very cute are you. You play with toys alot and look like you have fun with them."

comment by sadielove4

"What a gorgeous pup! I wish that he was mine!!"

comment by mastiffs3

"I LOVE the picture of Dudley with his chewie. He's just darling, you are so lucky!"

comment by georgia04

"soooooo sweet and cuddly cute!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hudson is the sweetest, most lovable baby! He looks so cute sleeping by the fireplace. Give him a squeeze for me."

comment by tazzysmom

"I already left a long comment on Hudson's Puppy of the Day page but I just had to post another note because he is just soooo cute but the main reason is because I saw the pictures of the rest of the family, you have a gorgeous little group there! They are all beautiful and they look so happy and that just puts the biggest smile on my face, I am glad you all have each other!!!! Best Wishes to you all!!!!! :) "

comment by shugsmom

"Thanks Friends! I'm very happy.. Kisses... Fram ."

comment by sheila e Fram

"awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ur puggle is adorable i have 1 aslso mine is adorable too."

comment by petsarethebest

"What a beautiful example of a Puggle! He is a-do-ra-ble!"

comment by missv

"Another wonderful adoption story! I hope you have many happy, fun-filled years together. "

comment by wolfgirl66


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