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These Mischeivous Beagles are About to Make Your Day.

"Pretty Molly looks very sweet natured!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Oh My Gosh, I love Puggles!!!! You have quite a cute family. Molly looks like a pretty, healthy, and sweet girl! your cute as can beeee!! "

comment by ilovePuggzly

"Cute butt pictures!!! ha ha thanks earle!"

comment by beeeegleluvr

"Awwww I love puggles. Hey you own that other one, too! Double lucky you! Molly is very cute as well as hudson. have fun with your little tail waggers!"

comment by beeeegleluvr

"Molly, it's ok to have your moments...all us women do :) She is just beautiful! Your whole family is lovely! Huge hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario"

comment by Oliver's Mummy

"This photo of Roxy and Tino is so precious---always nice to have a best friend!!!"

comment by virgilsmama

"I could not decide on one of your photos, they are all precious! Tino is great!!!! and I love this funny face!!!! Your pups obviously live in the lap of luxury-----they deserve It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of life to all of you from hounds Virgil and Daisy and their Mama!"

comment by virgilsmama


comment by tabi78

"Tino sounds like quite the character! I bet life is interesting wherever Tino is to be found! Hugs & kisses to this precious guy!"

comment by pandrews-4

"This is abolutely the best picture!"

comment by l944a

"I can tell from your menu that a beagle is a beagle the world over. I won't say someone is living the life of Riley anymore. From now on I'll say the lucky duck is living the live of Tino!"

comment by l944a

"Your beagle is so cute....We have three beagles of our own and BEAGLES do rule!!!!!"

comment by wagsalot

"He is SO cute iv alway loved beagles!! "

comment by lifeisgood365

"Sorry Didn't Mention What Pic! Pic #42 Is My FAVE!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!!!! I Love His Attitude On His face In This Photo Its Cutely Hilarious!!!! He's Such A Sweety Love The Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"Great name"

comment by cindy3737

"Pugsly you're soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute."

comment by Jose


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