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Some Gorg Labrador Retrievers to Make You Smile

"you are one of a kind Billie Jean, chocolate pie face, cutie cutie.. "

comment by toby'S

"what a sweetheart! "

comment by Peeah

"100% adorable! i love his name. i have a dog named max too! he is a bichon. ur max (i am just calling him that for short) looks a bit like REALLY big bichon! i just love his little nose. i really like pic 8 it is soooooo cute! please give ur sweet baby a treat form me! xoxoxxxxx :D"

comment by tobyslattery

"hes so cute !! i love him "

comment by raychelehd

"Maximus Fluffamus! He should be Maximus Fluffamus Cuddle-Amus! He has star power written all over that happy, bright, beautiful face. Give this sweetie pie lots of cuddles for me. He's gorgeous!"

comment by georgia04

"AWWWW! maximus is super cute!"

comment by bunis

"Boo your sweetness is only out done by your beauty. "

comment by schotime

"Service please. Um, now?"

comment by pupfanatic

"Bailey is a very adorable puppy!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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