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These Amazing Beagles are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Oh, Lily, I am in love w/ you!!! Look at that face! Sorry about the Cushings, but my dog had it and it is manageable. Glad you are spry and active. I'd be rubbing your belly all day anyway, you little cutester!!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"Oh, Lily, your soft eyes could melt stone! She looks like such a loving pet. So glad she is adapting to her illnesses and keeps active. Wishing you a few more happy years with your lucky owner."

comment by maltipinfan

"I love her story it is truly sooo sweet!!! On the front page of the Grown Up section the part that you said about Lily is soo cute and I like it because you number the things!!!! I love her necause she is a mix breed of a Dachshaund, Beagle, and a Chihauhua because I love all those breeds they are sooo cute and cool!!!! Congratulations on getting Grown Up of the Day!!!! I am very very very very sorry about her heart condition an I am sooo glad it dosn't stop her from being her self and being sweet and cudly like she always is!!!! I love her name someone in my school class has the same name an she spells it the same too!! I wish I could meet her someday!!!! I wish her a very very very long life and a very great life too!!! I also wish her many many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, mote love, and many many many more GREAT things!!!!! I would type more but our computer dosn't work and so I have to use my moms phone and it is harder to type sorry!!!!! Please check out my dogs!!! Thanks sooooooooooooooo much!!!! :):):):D:D:D 6:31 p.m."

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"You're a star, MJ!! Such a cutie! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Can you believe that some people think these dogs should live outside in a big old metal barrel or whatever? What are they thinking? Your photos, all almost 100 of them are so great and these two babes are so very beautiful, lucky pups and lucky folks for enjoying them in such a manner. I mean who would pull the blankie over their heards for them at night or nap time? Best of life to all of you and congrats on having two daily winners in your family!! Virgil, Daisy and their mama."

comment by virgilsmama

"i sure could use one of these too henry.. haha.. ive got a beagle mix and hes not calm"

comment by twilight_girl2010

"Looks like hes not likeing the camera. "

comment by twilight_girl2010

"Are they related?"

comment by twilight_girl2010

"I luv Henry the Beagle "

comment by tbutler

"They are as cute as cute can be! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Never saw so many *terrific* pictures of puppies before. I went through Bodie and Ernie's album mucho times and it was extremely hard to settle on one photo. These two freckled *tid-bits* are so yummy!!!! :) "

comment by w102663

"Oh Wow! Bodie and Ernie, too cute for words! Lots of hugs to both these gorgeous pups!"

comment by sputnik

"P.S.- Can I nominate BOTH of them for Pup of the Day!!!?"

comment by pupfanatic


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