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Some Gorg Dachshunds to Make You Smile


comment by stellaella

"Hehe, this is the best! They should have put this on your daily puppy page (congrats btw), Ringo!"

comment by gryt

"Had to add Ringo to my favorites. He has adorably cute arms, a sweet face, and is so darling - no wonder his humans love him so. Wishing you many more years of joy and love and happiness together."

comment by Critter Crazy

"Shorty looks super cute in all of her adorable pics! I hope y'all enjoy a very long and happy life together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"My dogs like carrots too but they must be part of our occasional stew! LOL! Happy New Years!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Awww shes so cute!!!Shorty,I like your cap.Your so beautiful.You sound alot like my J.J. he always watching the neighborhood.You have very pretty markings and sweet eyes.Lots of many happy years!!!! "

comment by Debbie 57

"Aw, nice shot and she's all decked-out for Christmas!"

comment by Critter Crazy

"Benny is the cutest boy ever. I'm sure Benny baby boy got his momma and daddy wrapped around his paws:-)."

comment by mychiensr1

"Hello Benjamin. You are a beautiful colour. Love Cinnamon x"

comment by cinny007

"Awwwww.... Benny is soooooooooo cute!!!!"

comment by Henry 'n' Gem

"Hello Beautiful Bailey! I hope you enjoy a long and happy life full of love good health, toys, yummy treats & tail wagging fun! Bye Bye Sweetheart!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Your Bailey is so pretty. Thank you for giving her the love she deserves. She looks so happy and contented in her new home. Love from SoCal"

comment by tazzysmom

"What a pretty girl! Beautiful color and profile. Shame on her previous owner. Bless Bailey's people for rescuing her into your home and hearts. She will repay you with love and fun. She feels safe in her bed with all her pals. Many happy healthy years ahead for Bailey with treats and adventures. HI from PA"

comment by coonhoundmama


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