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These Dachshunds are Painfully Sweet-Faced

"She is such an adorable, precious, sweet little baby!!! Best wishes for a long and happy life with your little Apple!!"

comment by shugsmom

"What a sweet Apple-dapple girlie. I love blue merle coloring on all puppers, though I'm partial to Aussies. Enjoy life little Apple, and have a healthy long one. Tummy tickles from TX."

comment by shaungrl

"aww, how adorable ! (:"

comment by sammieboo2010

"i love wienners my dachound previously died:("

comment by puppykiss

"what a cute name for a cutie i dont no what to say shes just to cute awwwwwwwww"

comment by pugsrule4

"Soo adorable! I think you and my Peanut would have fun together! "

comment by pmapes

"Oh, you spoiled little diva! lol!! Very pretty! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Aww, what a sweetheart. How could someone just drop her off?! But she's a million times better off now, so there! :) Xoxo sweet Emma."

comment by gryt

"soooo cute i think im gunna blow up im so jealous"

comment by wolfhowl15

"Sweet, cute and adorable!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"he is sooo cute,his face is priceless"

comment by sam_3


comment by mely552

"Aww! I wish I had these many comments!!! What a cutie!!!"

comment by maltesepuppyowner

"Awwwww1 He looks like a really loving little guy! Hugs to him!"

comment by luvmyboyz

"Awwww!! He is just to cute for his own good! Love his coat color. :)"

comment by katelynanderson997


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