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These Labrador Retrievers are Oh-So Precious

"My gosh that face is soooooo darn cute. "

comment by lursa1967

"Welcome to DP Miss Maya. U r most adorable."

comment by schotime

"ADORABLE Lucy is very sweet!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"She is adorable! Wishing you much many happy yerars together."

comment by ruthie

"Oh, she is so cute, what a sweet face, thank you for adopting her, you won't be sorry!"

comment by puppyfixation

"Just gorgeous! I believe that mine is a lab-pit also. A really sweet combination with lots of energy!"

comment by pitmom

"Just saw her sleepy pic in the contest, and omg she is ADORABLE!"

comment by kristanhoffman

"Lucy is an absolute doll baby, and she looks a lot like my Smokey, except add Husky in that mix. What a gorgeous baby!"

comment by huskyluvr

"We look like we could be sisters!!!"

comment by dooodahman

"Awwww nothing like those cute puppy barks!!!!! Lucy is adorable and I bet she will be a great little friend!!!!!!"

comment by ckendall

"i like her coloring and she's very cute! :)"

comment by bubbaismybaby27

"sleep tight, he he he, so cute sammy."

comment by teeru

"what an amazing dog!"

comment by rozier

"our Spybey sleeps just like this sometimes... we tell him he looks like the Firefox logo ;)"

comment by rozier

"Swim Swim Sammy! He is adorable! Congrats on Grown up puppy of the day! You take amazing pictures~ please comment on my pups :)"

comment by rockford


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