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Here's Some Much Too Lovable Siberian Huskys. You're Welcome.

"Dexter is a handsome lil guy... many many delicious treats and plenty of belly rubs for u sweet boy!!! FAV FILE!!! "

comment by hunniebunnie

"Woooow... what a gorgeous puppy!"

comment by gryt

"Beautiful Balto sounds like a very wonderful dog!!!!!! Huskies are a awesome breed!!!!!!! We have 3 Huskies in our pack and they are very loyal & loving!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"my my, what gorgeous eyes!! wish mine were that colour! hehe"

comment by toffeemacmillan

"he is so cute! i love his eyes. so cool! he has beautiful coloring. i can't imagine him getting into mischief! silly dog! LOTS of treats and kisses for ur sweet boy! or is it a girl? XOXOXXXXX ;-D"

comment by tobyslattery

"very gorgeous!!!!!!!!"

comment by puppydogtails

"Sweet dog! I absolutly LUV huskies and have one at home."

comment by mayamckinley

"Balto is the most handsome of huskies. I wuv the liver nose and red and white coat."

comment by mayamckinley

"Wow this could be my dogs twin "

comment by Joleneg

"Callista,im so glad you have your loving family now.Your such a beautiful girl!!!What a happy smile and pretty eyes.Lots of many happy years!!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"I'm so in love with your dog!"

comment by CookieMonsterXx

"I think we have the same dog :p !!"

comment by /EirhnhGate7


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