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Happy Siberian Husky Day! These Cutie Pies Will Help You Celebrate.

"2 cute 4 words!"

comment by BCD luver

"Hello! You are so beatiful and lucky."

comment by Black-Agg

"what amzing eyes, such a sweetie!!!!"

comment by ~Claire~

"so precious!!!"

comment by ~Claire~

"me three i would love to adopt that bundle of cuteness but i have two dogs all ready and thats enough for me :D :("

comment by jlover88

"so adorable. I too wish I could adopt more but I shouldn't even have 1, living and working on a hotel and golf resort, but i convinced the owners to keep the 2 I got secretly."

comment by janaS

"awww!! how cute!! i wish i could sdopt all those dogs but one is enough trouble!!!!!!"

comment by isbel5926

"Their all very cute! Hope they all find good homes soon!"

comment by doglover543

" aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh so cute i wish i could adpopt one but my family said no!!! i LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by cutepuppies!!

"One of the 9 has been adopted, Dave is first one adopted! Eight still need homes!"

comment by ShadyCreekRescue

"They are so sweet! I hope they all find wonderful, loving homes soon."

comment by K9Girl


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