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These Snuggly Siberian Huskys are About to Make Your Day.

"Awww,what a sweet picture.These pups are so adorable!!!I hope you all get your forever home soon.Big hugs and kisses!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"I hope that beautiful Bear enjoys a very long life full of love and tail wagging fun in his wonderful 4ever Home!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Oh my! I cried when I read Bear's story. The poor, poor puppy! Bless those whose who rescued him and bless you for loving him. I hope you all have a wonderful, joy-filled life."

comment by westiefan99

"i'm so glad you rescued this beautiful pup. good on you, and i hope Bear and you have many, many happy years together :-)"

comment by weaverpup

"Ohh thats just so sad and horribe how his siblings and Mother died.. Your right.'' stupid humans''. but now he's found wonderful humans like you.. And he's a very lucky little boy.. Bless you for beig an Angel and rescuing. wishing you both many years of fun and love and happiness with your little Bear!!. Sending loves of kisses and cuddles from Daisy and Pepper and theire Mom in Ireland. xoxoxoxox"

comment by paulinespuppy

"So glad Bear found his forever home after such a rough start. He looks so happy! And he's sooooo cute. Northern Sweden, that's the perfect place right there for a husky. :) "

comment by gryt

"Totally BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I hope they enjoy many happy adventures together!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Very cute , lots of bones and biscuits for you!"

comment by talks


comment by samoodleg

"Love the eyes!!"

comment by wardr0107

"God Bless everyone at the Shady Creek Rescue for helping Blue Eyes and all the other animals you care for. "

comment by w102663

"AWWWWW she is so cute i would take her in a second but I already have 2 adopted pups ,please check them out and comment, I really hope she gets adopted best of luck to Blue Eyes and everyone at Shady Creek Rescue"

comment by rescuedogsareamazing


comment by madelynk


comment by isbel5926

"What a Beauty! Best of luck to her new home!"

comment by doglover543

"What a stunning pup! And lots of pics; love it!! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Oh,your soooo sweet!!!I just love you! xxoo Hope you ALL find a GOOD HOMES!!!"

comment by Debbie 57


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