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Time for a Siberian Husky Puppy Party!

"Kaia is soooo cute!!! She looks like my pup Zoey!!! Except she has floppy ears...anyways, hope you have many more happy playful years with this cutie pie. please check out Zoey's pics & comment =)"

comment by PitFan93

"Wow. she looks exactly like my baby Mylea Beautiful dog, btw. :D you gotta love those husky markings, and those aussie actions!"

comment by MiyaMorrow

"luv him! add me as a friend!... everyone!"

comment by Blizzard


comment by **RisingStar**

"OMFG!!! townie, are you a pro.fotografer? I opened her album and she literally took my breath away.The pic of her laying her head on the pillow is EXACTLY how my baby looks right now. Except for her markings, she looks just like my baby in the face. And OMFG!!! don't you just love those ears? I bet you get lots of snuggles from her. Check out my baby, and see if they don't look alike. Expressions especially. I LOVE my baby to death but i've always wished she had a black saddle like your baby. Please give sasha a "shmuggle" for me. Does she like for you to massage her ears, mine does. krystan "

comment by krystan

"Sasha reminds me so much of my beautiful German Shepherd, Lottie. Many hugs and kisses! xxxoooxxx"

comment by deedee23

"she is soooo pretty!! "

comment by JAKESnCAKS

"awwww shes so cute,i love ur dogs face"

comment by Chance551238

"Wow! I looked at her once, and fell in love with her. I love her, and her name. My friend's puppy's mom's name was Sasha and she was a purebred german shepherd. Jamie said she was beautiful. Well, this Sasha is too! I love her!"

comment by CaseyAndCallie


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