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Omg. Can you Believe How Perfect These Cocker Spaniels Are?

"Thank you Shortyww22. I am a happy puppy and love every day. I am so loved and have so much love and joy to give, and my Mom and Dad always say: "life is all about having me to share it with....""

comment by rydalch

"What an absolutely adorable little guy! I love him! My dog Indy is part cocker and I know how sweet they are. Hope you have many cuddle filled years ahead of you barnaby!"

comment by Sassy Mow

"Barnaby, you are truly a heavenly soul, sent to make your humans' world very special. You are just adorable and I can see why you are loved so deeply. Wishing you and your humans many more years of love and happiness."

comment by Critter Crazy

"Barnaby,you are such a handsome boy.hope you have a long happy life.kisses n hugs sweetie"

comment by shortyww22

"I think someone wants to play! Adorable. "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Good little mix.I've got a shi-poo and long haired miniature chihuahua.I love my little fella so much.But when people ask me what kind..I say shi-poohuahua.lol"

comment by mydadsonlydaughter

"Penny' a Mohawk"

comment by Naviv


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