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Here's Some Way Too Snuggly Boxers. You're Welcome.

"Rosie is very adorable and sounds like a wonderful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her face is oh sooooooooooo sweet!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Aren't you a lovley dog?"

comment by puppysandy

"what a beautiful boxer!!:)"

comment by puppylove08

"I love boxers too! Rosie is gorgeous. She looks very astoot!"

comment by ktparks57

"What a beautiful little girl. Soo sweet. She looks like a real suck - I bet she has you wrapped around her little paw :)"

comment by ~Kazoo~

"Chloe is such a lovely little girl :) She has such a cheeky face and the most beautiful eyes. Much love to her."

comment by staceyg_86

"awwwwwww chloe is adorable comment on my dog bear please thank u.......... love and peace"

comment by sammysilvas4

"So many cute photo's of an adorable little girl! I really had a hard time picking just one! I can't resist a dog cocking his head like this. Have a happy life with Chloe."

comment by pelligrino

"Aww she is so adorable!!!"

comment by meredithcook

"I love this picture of you Tallie. Boxers are such great dogs. Love the whole body wiggle when they're happy. Puppy kisses to you from Annie."

comment by scdoxielove

"aww adorble :) we are looking for another boxer. could you please email me where you got her from uhingj@charter.net thanks so much we love our boxer :)"

comment by rylee07

"What a great photo of these two. Adorable!"

comment by painauchocolat

"Absolutley Adorable!"

comment by kdcrazy

"Tallie you are just adorable. Love those boxer, they are the best. Enjoy this little girl."

comment by johnandcindy

"Hail! Hail! The gangs all here!:) Nice family photo.....give them a kiss for me."

comment by w102663

"Just an awesome guy. Cheers!"

comment by misterpiko

"OMG Do you have 4 boxers?"

comment by johnandcindy

"Have to just love those boxers. You have a keeper that is for sure."

comment by johnandcindy

"omg it looks just like my pup gunnie! hatton just a cutie i wish i could have 4 boxers I only have 2...when u have time come check out my pups"

comment by ilovegunnie

"He is too cute i love boxers and he is just sooooo cute i cant get over it :)"

comment by boxerescuedreamer


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