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Here's Some Oh-So Gorgeous Boxers. You're Welcome.

"SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I cant believe he is really THAT adorable!!!! xo's from oommh and please comment on my pets."

comment by oommh

"What a pretty boy you are so beautiful you looks like so much fun bunches of hugs and kisses for you "

comment by love_my_dog_101

"Awwww What a sweet face"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"Your sooooo cute!"

comment by pepsidoggie

"Lucky is a wise and handsome old soul! here's to many more b-days ahead!"

comment by pelligrino

"Lucky your an absolutely beautiful dog boxers are amazing dog they are so much fun You look like a fun dog indeed lots of love for ya"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"Lots of love you little buddy! Your one handsome boxer :)So glad your family found you!!!"

comment by loopy

"Lucky is such an handsome boy,and he is also VERY lucky! :)"

comment by dogs101

"Wow!!! Big beautiful boy!!! So glad you rescued him - he will return that love tenfold. I love this picture because he looks so healthy - in pictures 3 & 4 he looked so thin! Great to see him with a forever loving home. "

comment by dancngshoes

"He's such a gorgeous guy! I love the brindle coat. Thanks for saving him and turning him into a happy, healthy fella. You will be rewarded in SOOO many ways! Hope you guys have many, many happy years together. Boxers are the best. "

comment by boxersrule

"what a cute pup! i have a boxer 2!"

comment by boxer1234

"Very cute. Stunning photography."

comment by black190190

"Looks like you're in your element here, Ardis. You look like the perfect hiking companion dog. I hope you have lots of happy adventures with your people and other animals. Belly rubs and biscuits : )"

comment by biff

"Such a great looking and happy girl you are Ardis. "

comment by Chihuahua Lover 316

"Beautiful B.J.! Boxer are puppy's forever. Full of energy, mischief and love!"

comment by pelligrino

"BJ, you are a beautiful young lady and I can see from your picture it's exhausting dealing with all the attention I bet you get! So glad you have a home with family who loves you. Have fun, sweetie."

comment by looovespuppies

"Thanks! BJ is full of energy. One time she ran for 13 hours straight. She slept for almost a day after that!"

comment by ShellodBJ


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