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Can't Get Enough Pix of Playful Labrador Retrievers?

"Off the charts in love w/ this munchkin. Both of them!"

comment by pupfanatic


comment by cat-the-brave

"AWWWWWWW.....SOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!! LOVE you guys!! Wyatt is ADORABLE!!! And his friend is such a good and beautiful doggie too!! So sweet!!"

comment by yankigal

"WoW! He's super CUTE!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"This shot is a "scream". Wyatt is a sweet and gorgeous little puppy boy. I love Wyatt's album, especially the photos with him and the big guy!!!:) "

comment by w102663

"The dogs are so lucky to have you and eachother. I hope you have years of enjoyment!"

comment by starlite101

"and if the above picture is evidence of you being a terror, then this one is evidence of just how gorgeous and sweet and lovable you are!!! Much love, happiness, chases, fetches, treats and bellyrubs to you and your big bro!!"

comment by sammytoo!

"Is that where you are a little terror, bothering your big brother??? Wyatt, you are one of the most gorgeous pups i have had the pleasure of seeing. I am in love with your face!!"

comment by sammytoo!

"OMG. Too wonderfully precious. "

comment by schotime

"This is my favorite photo."

comment by Michelle72

"I totally love this dog! The photo with the feet up, just says it all! Lol Cute, cute, cute! 😊"

comment by Michelle72

"Beautiful photo! Gracie is truly "Amazing Grace" -- beautiful and lovely in every way. Note to Grace: Louie loves you, just as you love him. Cats will always be cats. Enjoy life with your loving family and life at the beach! xoxoxoxo (Fave File)"

comment by chelsearosebud

"This is a picture of a well-loved dog. You are gorgeous Gracie! Many happy, healthy and joyful years ahead for you and your family!"

comment by Cat Mom

"Sorry to hear about your recent loss. It's hard. I think Duke will certainly help! He sure is cute enough! "

comment by wolfgirl66


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