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Time for a Chihuahua Puppy Party!

"Hello Beautiful! You look totally adorable in all of your sweet pictures! I hope that you enjoy many wonderful years with your loving 4ever family! Bye Bye SWEETHEART!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"lola you are so cute ! i like how you use your ears to point to the way outside !"

comment by tropicsteve

"Lola is one of the all time cutest Daily Puppy pups - she is adorable!!"

comment by doxiethedoggy

"Too small a breed for my liking but, boy!, she is cute!!!"

comment by PhilDee

"Oh my goodness,Lola, you are so sweet and adorable. You remind me of my lil' girl. You are soooo precious. I love all your pics. You should be in show biz. Hope you have a wonderful and long life full of love, hugs, biscuits, toys and anything you want. xoxoxoxo to you, lil precious."

comment by LisaLooper

"Miley is just a darling little girl! 2 cute 4 words."

comment by weimimom

"Miley you're just precious and adorable, arent you! who could resist that face! i'd give you a treat every time i saw you"

comment by weaverpup

"AW miley is adorable!!!"

comment by wardr0107

"This is an adorable picture of Miley with her kitty buddies....the kitty on her left looks very content.:)"

comment by w102663

"Absolutely the cutest thing!! The best life ever sking with the fam!!!"

comment by trixie08


comment by theinspector


comment by wolfgirl66

"Margie, I believe I am just about always the last to figure things out, your Jose the other day as Dog of the Day, I did not realize that was your Jose. I should have recognized him from the pics from The Falls! What a wonderful Jose! Liz, Daisy and Buddy"

comment by virgilsmama

"awwwww, hes soo cute! i want one "

comment by rebecca lynn

"Jose is a real CUTIE! I love chihuahua's and in fact I proud owner of one! I also LOVE jack russell terriers! ~~ #1 Dog Lover "

comment by number1dogluver

"Oh Vespa I can just hear that mind whirring. Thinking about how to get some treats. You are adorable and deserve lots of treats. Those ears of yours are the BEST. "

comment by lhunter

"Vespa, you are just fabulous! I wouldn't be surprised if you end being the pup of the day soon. Much love to you, sweetie!"

comment by kgpayne13


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