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Need Some Enchanting Chihuahuas in your Day? Of Course You Do.

"OMG, I've never before seen such a cute picture; it's one for the ages. You are a little pistol, Barney! "

comment by Abiglen


comment by monkeynbubba

"You are such a lucky, lucky Girl having such a lovely, lovely little puppy called Dexter. Please love and cherish him for ever and ever. Regards from Margaret in SCOTLAND"

comment by elsie`s mum

"Hello someone name danise l meto is trying to sell your pet Ijust want to let you know she was trying to sale him to me through a pet carryer places she sent me the pictures you had to please get back with me asap "

comment by dolphinsNglitter

"Oh my gosh Dexter you're just too cute"

comment by BountyDog

"The only thing missing is the remote control....:o) You are a cute little guy! Hugs, kisses and tons of your favorite "cookies"."

comment by w102663

"tucker is sooo cute.. (^.^)"

comment by siopsy

"ha ha did you enjoy the beer little man???"

comment by lalamcgoo

"Tucker is very handsome. Congrats on Daily Puppy!!!"

comment by kdcrazy

"this is my kind of dog!! great beer choice Tucker!!! too cute!!!"

comment by AlanaDavis


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